I'm Just Unfinished

Why do we think as a Believers we can leave God on the sidelines and only call Him in for Special Teams—when we’re in deep doo-doo? The circumstances are against us and the odds of victory look slim to nothing. It stinks, and our playbook is not helping at all. There’s no strategy or quick remedy to get us in a forwarding motion. We’re surrounded by the opposing force and their presence is evident. We can’t escape. Or can we?

The strength you’re needing to fight the enemy, close doors, and open others begins with growth in the knowledge of Christ. You can’t be a winner overcoming spiritual battles unless you know who you are and whose you are. And that all is learned and cultivated in the Spirit by reading God’s Word daily.

A multi-million dollar NFL player doesn’t become that overnight. He’s a work-in-progress. He’s a success story that has put in countless years of training and being coached to be the best on the field and off it. His physical abilities far exceed the average Joe and his character shaped by discipline and motivation to win. He’s unstoppable on the field and his confidence lies in his abilities, and hopefully his faith in God as well.


"I Am Coming Back with a Vengeance!"

I'm posting this with confidence that He who speaks in the still small voice as written in 1 Kings 19 with Elijah the prophet, still speaks, and it has been confirmed. This is a weighty message and one that every reader should heed unless you are capable of withstanding the Lord's vengeance in your own strength. With the release of any Word of prophecy, I yield to the Spirit of God on timing and how it's to be shared. You'll note that I'm starting with the most current, which leads up to the study in Holy Scriptures where you'll find it supported.

April 10, 2017
Tell them that I’m releasing a spirit in the land and I will reckon every man unto myself. You are either for me or against me.
April 7, 2017

Considering the critical news in Syria this past week I believe this Word should be published and shared.

I received an answer from the Lord on March 17. But, before that consider this: If our land experiences the consequences of our sinful ways, you’ll want to be safe in the secret sacred place with Jesus. Return to Him before it’s too late! God is pouring out His wrath and being saved and sanctified is your only hope in these Last Days before the second coming of Christ.

April 6, 2017

I interceded in the Spirit and God spoke in the prophetic.
He will reckon every man unto Himself.
If we're truly His, we'll be counted. There's coming a time of separating. Whose are you? We must be rooted and grounded in Christ and growing in Him. Otherwise, we are already cursed (fig tree). No time for being half in.

The wind and rain will come, but those who cling to the Lord will be rooted in Christ.

Don't fear, but press in. Abide in Him!

March 17, 2017

In February, I knelt with the unction of the Holy Spirit with hands lifted and open. Then God spoke and gave me the scrolls, which I believe to be the Word of God with revelation.

It’s important that I preface first and foremost what we as Body of Christ do from here and why this message. Focus on the HOPE in GLORY that was once preached and received by you. Regardless of your stance currently, I believe if you’re reading this God has a plan to restore you to the faith and from there you will strengthen the brethren. Yes, you will return to the Lord! So why is God speaking such gloom and doom here while others are witnessing the warm and fuzzy side of God? I’m wondering that too, but God is adding and building here. There’s no agenda or goal outside of pleasing the Lord at Cup of Goodness or in my daily ministry. If God is speaking I will listen, eat His Words in the Holy Scriptures and release it. And my heart rejoices gladly in doing it!

This week I inquired of the Lord when He returns. He answered me.

I am coming back with a vengeance. I will release a spirit in the land because many call me Lord but do not do the things I say.


If You’re Not Growing You’re Dying

I Wept

My heart is heavy and sorrowful with feeling both the sadness of the people in affliction and the mind of God concerning it. I wept for the victory of my brothers and sisters. “Lord, why isn’t the Word working in their lives? You are no respecter of persons.” I pressed in and inquired that and more. Then the tears flowed and God answered in that still small voice.

For years, I have wept for my children who are stubborn as mules and refuse by their own choice to mature in the faith. They are settled in keeping vigil at eating meat that’s ground up and milk that’s fresh. They have no patience, no stamina for the waiting of God’s plan or purpose. If it’s not happening now they’re moving on. They have forsaken treasure for fool’s gold. They have given way to the culture’s idea of success and freedom and forfeited their rights as sons and daughters of the Most High God. They have decided to live as beggars instead of living as they should be in prayer, fasting and dependent on God. They have traded in royalty for beggar’s clothes—and beg they shall.

In all the world, you find few who know how to enter and be patient for the miracles and wonders my Kingdom can bring, but those that do find that the journey of holding out is worthy, are far better off. They have peace that surpasses all understanding and they have the Word to comfort them in the meanwhile.

Tell them, my love and my Word are sufficient for them.

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