Walk Confidently in The Truth

The Spirit of the Living God is speaking through the true prophets of God. My Pastor said recently, “The truth will produce fruit.” And God has added to that promise in my own life. In fact, I'm witnessing the fruit already as we end this calendar year and God prepares my heart with this timely message.

If you’re looking for a word or a mantra for 2017 this one should not be overlooked.

 “Walk confidently in the truth and it will produce fruit.”

I believe the Lord is asking His own to be bold and brazen concerning His promises. Walk in His truth with faith that speaks volumes at your circumstance. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost give rise to the matter filling your mouth with the Word of God in due season. Let it be an arrow shot from the very hand of God concerning your situation. Don’t let the enemy have a foothold any longer. Curse that devil and demon, bind the strong man and send them back to their father a defeated foe. Give notice to any realm of darkness in your life or in the lives of those you hold close. Confiscate the enemy’s weapons. Don’t be delusional though your natural hands are empty and that you are small in stature for in the spirit you’re a mighty warrior with the scriptures as your sword. March on Christian Soldier for victory is yours as the Light of Glory reigns in you!

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