JESUS Is One in A Million

Written October 9, 2012

The Spirit of the Lord wells up in my spirit throughout the day with scripture, but also in song.

This morning I sang at my kitchen sink, “One In A Million.” A song I haven’t heard of in years and with no influence other than the Holy Spirit, I begin to sing from my mouth what I hear deep inside. This is one of the many ways He ministers to me.

Yes, our spirit man sings to the Lord with scripture, praise and hymns, but every now and again with a secular song.

We all have an inherent need to be loved. Though we search high and low through acceptance, family, spouses, children, careers and even ministry, we find that only One is able to fill that role with satisfaction until overflowing. I’m talking of Jesus the Christ, who in His glorious love and light gives us all that we hunger and thirst for at overwhelming quantities.

I have found a one in a million love that shall never cease or die for it flows from the Living Water. Finally, my thirst for true love quenched. For the Son of God came shining through my being and what a revelation to receive, God was saying, “I love you!” to me.

Beloved, Jesus is a one in a million, “a chance of a lifetime.” His love is pure and for you personally. He is waiting with arms outstretched for the lost, the prodigal and the weak to open their hearts to repent and surrender to Him. And in return, He will show you compassion with a love that is everlasting, hopeful, and never disappoints.

For child art prodigy Akiane, Jesus is for real
“Jesus remains my highest authority, love, and God,” she adds. “I pray every day that people will one day follow Jesus, His teachings and feel His love.”

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