Daily Manna: Was Blind, But Now I See

"I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see."

My darkest hours drew me closer to Him, and I outlasted the storm. You will too! Remember, it doesn't matter how you start the race or the messed up middle, but how you finish strong for Christ.

"Marked as a Believer I was. Still, I was not cultivating my relationship with God diligently. I was careless and my spiritual tank empty. The enemy took full advantage of my spiritual predicament and planted one thought." Read more from Hopeless & Fearful.

How to Recognize You Are under a Spiritual Attack - Jentezen Franklin

Daily Manna is a series of devotions that you may snack on for encouragement today. However, if you have skipped spiritual meals and find you are malnourished please take pause and visit here a while.

I pray my obedience to share His truth brings you encouragement, and enlightens you in God's ways, which are higher than our ways.

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