My List of 50

It is my special birthday and how blessed I am!

Birthday greetings started early morning from family and continued throughout the day with emails and texts from friends. Not to mention birthday surprises in unexpected ways. Truthfully, I had low expectations, so to my amazement the day ended with many cards, gifts, and a dozen roses.

To even utter the words that I have made it to 50 is something to praise God for. Less than two years ago I went through a series of operations that ended in a tracheoplasty. Routine operations that had secondary complications, which are always likely to be problematic. 

Over the years when I think of my circumstances and experiences, and how God has kept me, it makes my heart fill up with gladness. For God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! Amen! I am still standing strong.

Here is my list of 50 to include truths, revelations, and declarations:

1. I am still here.
2. I have something to say.
3. There’s no child privacy in parenting.
4. Love evolves in marriage.
5. My Plan A isn’t always the solution.
6. God always has a Plan B.
7. Favor from God is more desirable than worldly treasures.
8. Outside adornment has lost its appeal.
9. A hidden truth is a lie.
10. Free from bondage.
11. Fully surrendered to Christ and His purpose.
12. Paying down chunks of debt.
13. Courageous in my calling.
14. Stand up for righteousness.
15. Expose sin.
16. Kingdom builder.
17. Shepherd’s heart.
18. Pray for others.
19. Daily walks.
20. With long awaited answered prayer comes change that might be unexpected.
21. With God all things are possible.
22. Stand, having done all, stand.
23. God’s timing is perfect.
24. Taking time for special family outings is important.
25. Making memories.
26. Nothing like harmony in the home.
27. Change is doable.
28. Seasons have a beginning and an end.
29. Take notes from life experiences, you’ll likely be encouraging another.
30. Testimony—first book.
31. Who knew—gluten free?!
32. Keep calm 50 is going to be fabulous.
33. My second half of life is going to be something to write about.
34. Used for God’s glory—second book.
35. Witness to the lost (even those I know).
36. Do it afraid.
37. Be obedient and leave the rest for God.
38. You’re going to stumble and maybe fall.
39. Forgiving yourself is as important as asking for forgiveness.
40. Sometimes God allows your weakness to show.
41. You’ll learn, grow, and get over it.
42. Even if it looks right it could be wrong.
43. Everything that is good is not beneficial.
44. Take pause and listen.
45. Special birthdays bring big surprises.
46. Receive gracefully and bless the giver.
47. Blessed to have longtime friends.
48. My life is secure.
49. I’m ready for the next step.
50. I'll do it in His strength.
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