Operation Sticky Notes

Being a newbie on Twitter I have been particularly excited with anything related to Believers and giving. Many are familiar with #PayItForward, and fewer of you have heard of #BeTheGift, which by fate alone did I stumble upon the night before my birthday. Nevertheless, a couple of weeks ago I found yet another way to give through #OperationStickyNotes.

#OperationStickyNotes has been making a difference by Generation Y with Twitter Profile AFH - All For Him - Twibbon (a movement for Christ) in schools primarily, and now making it's way out into the communities and inspiring others to join in. The encourager leaves positive messages and/or scripture(s) written on sticky notes everywhere and anywhere for others. They are unexpected blessings that are making a difference. I was particularly giddy over this type of mission as it was low-cost, anonymous, and notes left in the most inconspicuous of places to include a library book drop, library magazine, water vending machine, mailbox, bathroom stalls, and car window.

If you take a step back you can see the bigger picture, these acts of kindness are all connected in what seems to be a giving movement that is stirring in the hearts of God's chosen to make a difference in their community—speaking life, sharing hope that does not disappoint, and ministering to those in the midst of struggles.

I encourage you to give out of your basket of blessings, whatever its size, because sometimes the smallest gesture could mean everything to someone struggling. If you’re concerned about your monthly budget constraints I assure you sales are plentiful and the expense is less than lunch out with a friend.

He wants us to be the gift! Jesus was God’s gift to the world, so why do you think it strange that we also are asked to do the same?
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