Amy Hagerup

Amy Hagerup has a gentleness about her, some may say it is grace worn like a mantle, or humility—and perhaps it is a bit of both. What most may not know at first glance is the treasure she carries inside. As she eloquently shares on her LinkedIn page, “my faith permeates my life and business.”

Amy has a keen sense for online marketing, and her stick-to-itiveness in several businesses simultaneously is to be commended—besides having been a missionary for twenty-two years. She’s the kind of woman we want to be when we grow up. We want to have that kind of life-experience, and a legacy that spans continents and makes a difference.

She is still making a difference helping people, but the setting has changed. Instead of trekking in the mountains on a mule to deliver the Good News, she now coaches others as a Christian wellness and weight loss professional (Healthy Christian Living & Shaklee).

Speaking is also something Amy does quite well, and it has afforded her the opportunity to share in many different venues. She’s versatile, and though the programs are widely divergent the core of her message remains. "I love to help people get healthier in body, mind, and spirit." She is as relevant as Apostle John penned in 3 John 1:2, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”

I have showered Amy with compliments galore as to get her to share here today in a short interview, as well as her talent of storytelling. As an auditory learner myself, I find her tone and pitch to be delightful. So relax and listen to a cup of goodness as Amy shares with us in less than 10 minutes. 

Be encouraged and have a great life-changing day!

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Having been a missionary for twenty-two years how has that shaped you as a person?

Living and working in another culture alongside many nationalities makes a person value the gifts and differences that each person brings to the table. Sometimes in America we can become very narrow-minded. However, there is so much more to life than our own experiences, and limited perspective. My 22 years on foreign soil has given me a world-view of the value of people everywhere – not just ones who look, think, and live like I do.

How do you stay humble considering your life-experience?

I really don’t feel that a particular life-experience is to be elevated above any other. God calls us all to different tasks and locations. The key is to be obedient to what He calls each of us to. Someone who is called to be a plumber or an artist is just as important as someone called to be a missionary. I guess anyone has the temptation to become proud in what they do (whether or not it is following a calling from God), so it is important to remind ourselves that we are just a sinner saved by grace – no matter what we might accomplish for our Lord.

If your faith is permeated in not only your personal life, but business as well, do you find that to be typically an advantage or disadvantage?

My faith is at the core of who I am. So I am not the kind of person to say “here I am over here as a believer in Christ” and “over here I am a business person.” I am one and the same with a deep faith in Christ. Of course, I do business with all types of people – believing like I do is not a criteria for my clients. In fact, I love all people of all faiths or lack thereof! However, I do get criticized from others for not hiding my faith in my blogging in particular, but that is okay. II Corinthians 2:15 & 16 tells us that we will be the fragrance of Christ to those who are being saved and to those who are perishing – to the one we will be an aroma from death to death and to the other we will be an aroma for life to life. So how others perceive me has to do with their own philosophy of life, and that is okay. Meanwhile, I will hold true to being rooted in Christ.

If you could share a wise nugget of truth in one sentence what would it be.

The most important thing for us to do each day is to spend time with Jesus - reading His Word, talking to Him, and listening to that still, small voice.
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