Guest Post: Seeking Kingdom First

"A man's gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men." Proverbs 18:16

Writing is my passion. It's what I want to do most of my day, but life's obligations don't afford me that.

If you're wondering was I ever published, the answer is yes. I did numerous Christian movie reviews for a few years and did great. Before that, I had my dot com when space on the Internet wasn't free. I also wrote over 1200 posts on another general blog, which is held hostage and private with a farewell post the end of 2010. Occasionally, I do sneak back there to find a treasure or two.

Cup of Goodness started in Jan 2011 as a faith-filled blog; with my mind made up, the call to minister was a natural next step in 2012. However, I will tell you I was surprised, but not my pastor. Ministry responsibilities also include editing the church's monthly newsletter, and it's a labor of love to serve in a capacity that's fitting to my gifting. They are a church that celebrates God as the head, the calling, the gifts, and the Body of Christ.

Writing is my gift—with God's super on my natural! He alone has made my mind fruitful. He gets all the credit! My inspiration comes in different ways. Nonetheless, when my thoughts start to carry on into sentences in my head, I know it's relevant and significant to share with an audience. Tap, tap, tap on my keyboard and the message is there. Whether it be an audience of one, or in a room with a few, I'm sharing it.

My daughter asked me a question recently that certainly seemed to come from nowhere, but that doesn’t mean I discourage it either. If it’s on her mind and she’s curious, I want to be available, open and honest. As her trusted mother, I am the person she comes to first and most often.
“Mom, have you ever had an epic failure?” 

Please visit Forest Rose at Seeking Kingdom First now Kingdom First Homeschool for my guest post Epic Failure.
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