Repair Dry Cracked Heels and The Annonying Heel Fissure

This past winter weather I boasted about a great find under my favorites label for dry chapped skin, but let me confess there's something better. Hold on, better doesn't do this testimonial justice, it's beyond better.

AmLactin is serious care for softer skin.

After doing some research I was informed that alpha-hydroxy was equally important in caring for dry cracked heels as well as hydrating. I found AmLactin Ultra Triple Action Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy at Walgreens for $17.99.  It's the most expensive cream I have ever purchased for my feet. I was hesitant, but certainly a necessary decision because I discovered a heal fissure on each foot. Not a pretty sight, and might I add a bit painful.

After a couple of weeks of only applying it at night after a shower and right before bed, without socks, my feet are baby soft and the heel fissures are healing. This hydrating body cream with advance ULTRAPLEX formula does what it promises -- it heals severe dry areas, smooths, repairs, and softens. 

Who knew? My condition is such that it's summer with dry heat and wearing flip-flops daily.  Furthermore, while using this particular AmLactin product the use of a pumice stone is hardly needed.

If you have a sensitivity to smell like me, then you may want to make a note that though the product claims to be fragrance free, I find there is a subtle smell. It seems to me neither perfume based nor plant based. Regardless, it's not bothersome at all. Still, it's worth mentioning here.

As women get older everything changes, including the skin's youthful and hydrated condition. Invest in yourself—you're worth it! Take a leap of faith and get this for your bedside table. You won't be disappointed.

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