My True Love, Jesus

Like a wedding song reminds me of vows and the celebration, I reminisced while listening to Selah’s Bless the Broken Road. I was tearing up thinking about the broken road that led me to Jesus so many years ago. How the emptiness within my soul could only be filled with His Spirit—even considering I was getting married in 3 weeks. Though my life was better than it ever had been, I was still missing a vital piece spiritually.

I sense that we are all created with a special place within ourselves that only God the creator can fill. We try in our ignorance, or for some it’s pride, to put anything and everything there but Him. We make career, money, self, spouses, family, and even good causes our center or motivation. It won’t work—the results end in our fatality. We’re deprived of living a spirit-filled life and possibly missed salvation through Christ.

A spirit-filled life is full whereby our steps are ordered and purpose driven. It’s a life with spiritual clarity, wisdom, and understanding, but most importantly it’s a conversational relationship with God.

Do you experience these riches of Heaven? What other thing or person can offer what Jesus has promised for you?

Success, certificates, awards, accolades, people, causes, and all the rest are temporal achievements in this life. Still, they hold a respective place that amplifies goodness, but none should be the center nor share where only One should reign within.

I am so thankful I surrendered over seventeen years ago and became born-again in spirit. It’s been quite a journey as a disciple of Christ, and I know that my life story would be drastically different if I had not. I imagine the worst, divorced with no child, no fruitfulness of mind to write or speak, and worse yet my name not written in the Lamb's Book of Life.  

My prayer is that your broken road leads you to Him as well, that you begin to live a full life as He intended, and that one promised day we will meet on the other side of Heaven.

Be encouraged my brothers and sisters, God’s heart is that we all live victorious and free, in this life and the next!

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