The Scent of a Woman

My life has been tough with a few valley experiences, but not forgetting the mountain top seasons as well where I boasted in the Lord and His goodness. Along the way were many life lessons learned, spiritual growth gained, and of course the hardest...dying to self. All have served their purpose and left me changed for the better—I'm not as stinky as I once was. I'm now more content, joyful, and at peace than ever. I recognize when to do my part, and give to God what's out of my ability and/or under His authority. Freedom! Yes, there's freedom in knowing where I end, and God begins!

Preacher teaches on important lessons we can learn from a mom named Hannah in the Holy Bible who was the epitome of commitment, and example to all of us. Also an encouraging word about burdens and giving God our heartaches.

"God will provide the ability if we bring the commitment." - Pastor Jeff Schreve

The Scent of a Woman
1 Samuel 1

How to get that sweet aroma in life?
1. Like Hannah, you will experience heartache in life.
2. Don't let heartache turn you into a bitter person.
3. Don't forget life is not fair.
4. Don't forget that God is still good.

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