Mother's Day 2013

It's a glorious month to celebrate mothers.  I recall the wisdom of my mother that I find myself sharing with my daughter on occasion, "If you lie I can't help you, but if you tell me the truth I can." What a great foundation to be a truth-teller.

So grateful for my mother's love and the sacrifices she made for her children, her ability to stick with life no matter how tough, and her great resolve to stay strong. Wow! I certainly have carried that torch and have added more of my own because of my life story.

One thing I have added to share with my daughter is that she has her own story to write—she’s an only. When she gets weepy about not having siblings I sympathize with her that I understand. I never had a father present in my life. I connect with her longing. Still, I share with her that this is her journey, and though similar, our lives are different. I am not forgetful either to recant how many years I prayed for her, though now my dream is realized and has breath. Amen! The silver lining for us is that my heartfelt yearning was answered by God and she the precious promise fulfilled. I believe God will answer my daughter’s desire though I know not how or what avenue He will choose. Regardless, I am expectant and patient for God to do what He does best -- lavish His love upon us.

I think it important that children realize that though they have a unique connection with their parents that's unlike any other relationship they'll ever have, and celebrate that, it is equally important that they realize they have a life story of their own. Though parents are certainly part of it, it's the child’s time to write their chapters with love and loss, decisions, victories and failures, shortcomings, battles won and lost, friendships, and experiences.

My spirit is dancing! What a celebration for me, writing as I open my heart to you. I'm so grateful for the journey of motherhood. I'm blessed!
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