It's a Special Day

Yesterday was officially Ten-Dollar-Tip Day here at Cup of Goodness. It won't be every week, or even every other week, but only when I get a spiritual nudge.

What joy to give like this! It was my first time, but I was slick like the wealthy dropping that ten spot after paying for an $8 service at the salon. Yep, that’s right! I tipped her more than I paid the shop. It was totally unexpected, and she inquired why, and with a wink I told her, “It’s a special day!”

And indeed it was! The car wash attendant earlier the same day got a $10 dollar bill as well. He seemed quite happy about it, and I left with joy welling up in my heart.

Giving intentionally out of my abundance is something I've longed to do consistently. I've done it in spurts, but it seems in this season there's a definite divine purpose and power working. In reflection, I feel like God is winking at me! He's cheering me on, "Give! Give! Give!"

Can’t wait for round two—perhaps in the near future.

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