Eyes Wide Open

It was a usual morning—a store errand after dropping off my daughter at school. However, I wasn’t prepared for the display of pride and roaring as that of in the jungle as I did on the checkout line. Two grown men -- easily pegged as grandfathers to any youngin’ -- going back and forth on whether the milk was on sale.  It all had to do with price matching and flyers. One tried to one-up the other with a bet of $1,000 to his $100, and it was uncomfortable for all. Neither was taking the high road.  Each defiant that he was right and the other was wrong.

I was an observer and so thankful, because we can all share at least one account whereby we made a stink that was depleting to ourselves and most likely others in our midst. Yes, our selfish pride to be right sucked the life out of a moment that had every possibility of being a life-giving-room-to-grow moment.

What struck me to the core was how the Holy Spirit continued to burden me with this episode that it left me in tears as I exited the parking lot. The whole drive home He was teaching me. My heart surrendered as His Spirit showed me with spiritual eyes how displeasing this behavior was and how it should look.

I was singing a familiar tune earlier the same morning that came back to me as I began to minister aloud to the Lord what He wanted me to pass on, “We are to be Jesus in disguise.” We are not to be pointing and mocking with our words, or the more subtle with our actions. It’s not a God-trait to do so. Rather, we are to give others who stumble and fall room to grow, speak few words, give a genuine smile, hug, reach out our hand in a truce, and whatever else the Holy Spirit unctions us to do.

Will it hurt to subject our pride to the refiner’s fire? Indeed it will. Nonetheless, it’s crucial if we are determined to follow Christ and be His disciple. We are to stop being imitators and ask Jesus to come into your heart and change our perspective, actions and reactions—giving Him full control. Even if dying of the flesh is painful it doesn’t outweigh the freedom in being in a realm of grace where offense is no longer an issue, or to have a spiritually healthy stance to forgive because we ourselves have been forgiven. None of us are perfect, and all have fallen short.

Jesus in Disguise - Brandon Heath
So open my eyes
Wide as I can
Blind as I am
Blind as I am

Psalm 119 the longest psalm and chapter in the bible. It has 22 sections each corresponding to a different letter in the Hebrew alphabet and each verse beginning with the letter of its section.

God's Word -- the Holy Bible -- is true, and a sure guide that leads us to freedom in this life and in the next.

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