A Bad Report

There have been bad reports lately of my loved ones who have friends or other family that are receiving news of cancer and diseases. These are serious illnesses and the end seems near. It's difficult to hear of this bad news, yet, I'm hopeful of life for each of them.

I know that sickness is taxing to the body, mind, and sometimes throws us off balance concerning our faith. It's a laborious journey even if one is stricken to bed rest and minimal movement because we can become fixated on details and the outcome. I speak from experience. Though I had my moments with sickness this year it did not consume me. Nevertheless, sickness is not a friend. It is a stealer of all things connected to living, joy, and the hope of long life. It's a destroyer and its aim is to kill. However, the bible tells us that we can overcome, "for we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus." This tells us that we have the power to get through to the other side. The other side could be surviving with victory on our lips while others are healed in eternity. The reasons why I cannot answer, but I trust God and respect that He is all-knowing and good.

As a born-again believer it's most important that I share that healing is available to everyone. God's heartfelt desire is that all are healed in our bodies and soul (mind, will, emotions). Though healing is a desired gift for each of us, the greater gift received is salvation -- to be saved, adopted, to be called children of God.

Whether it is sickness, sin, fear, suicide, or other afflictions, there is hope. Pray and enter into a relationship with Jesus in an intimate way -- sincere and conversational. Give Him permission to leave His fingerprint on and in you. Let the sinner be changed, and full of hope in this life, and for the next.

Newsflash: God is bigger than cancer and disease!

All that believe and confess Jesus win. They win! No matter what happens to their mortal body, for they are far more than body, they are a spirit created by God—whom He delights in.

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