Life's Problems

"In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." John 16:33b

I have been there myself, with reality in my face and a heavy heart, and seeking God through prayer and His word. Still, I remain hopeful because God is not only a God who listens, but He is also a God that answers—and on occasions before I ask. Yes, He's orchestrating the answer and making delivery for a particular time and place where it will be overwhelming evidence that it's nobody but God that made this happen. In essence, God's fingerprint is visible to every witness!

I'm seeking Him currently for specific needs for myself and my family. I've cast my cares upon Him and know that whatever the outcome I'll still praise Him. For me, getting from God is not a wager. It matters not what He decides, how He'll fix it, or if He will do it the way I want it. Regardless, I am content knowing that He's in control—and that means I don't have to be. I am free from the burden of figuring it out or getting it done.

After all these years I am still astounded by God's goodness in my life, and that He still desires to do more for me, and my family. He's not satisfied with only giving a portion of good. His heart's desire is that I receive my full inheritance—and I will wait patiently for the full allotment in one disbursement or in incremental blessings.

Today a minister of the Gospel shared her heart on what she believed the Lord was teaching her, and it's value is worth repeating here, "God has more answers than I have questions, and God has more solutions than I have problems."
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