Philippians 1:21

Charles Spurgeon Morning Devotional
"For me to live is Christ." Philippians 1:21

"...and when by grace he was brought to see the dying Saviour making a propitiation* for his guilt."

 *propitiation - turning away of wrath by an offering

My, my, my. I was stirred up thinking how true, when Paul said "to live is Christ but to die is gain." My focus is on the "joy set before me." No matter the obstacles or opposition I will continue this journey, which the Lord has deemed worthy that includes celebration and suffering. Amen! Let not my soul revel in only the seasons of celebration, for the seasons of sorrow and suffering are also needed, and attribute to my testimony of God's goodness. For how can I be thankful or grateful with such exuberance if the Lord had not taken me through and preserved me.

Praying that you would come to live in Christ and for Christ.

Jesus is seeking that which is lost, and He is wondering are you ready for the mission. Are you a true follower or just a fan of His? There is a succinct difference between the two. Which are you?

Study Scriptures:
Philippians 1:21
Hebrews 12:12
Philippians 3:10
Romans 8:17-18
1 Peter 4:12-13
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