Yes I Did!

On New Year's Eve I returned a Christmas gift and left with $43.03 store credit. I was happy to use the credit in the near future. Then I dared to return another Christmas gift from the year before found in my closet at the end of January. I'm very organized and so is the gift-giver so I had gift receipts for both. Those handy receipts really make life less complicated. Before going to the store I pondered for about thirty seconds at the possible rejection at a gift purchased in October 2010, but it would be worth it. I was able to add another $33.91 on store credit to my tin can.

Some saavy retailers have lienant and straightforward return policies and it makes for a postive experience. No huge hassels, just in and out with a friendly smile. They're betting that I'm coming back to spend my credit and then some. A win-win for both of us!

Friday my daughter and I had fun shopping and spending the last of our store credit.

$76.94 well spent for:

1 Ladies Flip Flops
1 Candie's Sunglasses
2 Girls Leggings
1 Designer Purse

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