Mistakes, they happen to the best of us—and I'm no exception. I've made a few recently that thankfully weren't life-altering. At worst, they imitate a child's owie on the playground. It's true; adults are not immune to letting excitement, thrill, and convenience win over logic.

In February, I decided to take myself first, and then in the same week my daughter to replace a pediatric sick visit with a conveniently close walk-in clinic. Mistake -- costly, misdiagnosed, and incorrect doses for OTC medicines. I can only surmise that in this case my own nasal congestion had interfered with rational thinking.

This month, I chose to order a product featured on a TV infomercial. Happy to admit this was a first and last time for me. It was only an hour after calling in my order that I had buyer's remorse while searching for reviews online. Insert hand gesture, "L" on the forehead! Mistake -- overly influenced by the ad's enticing pitch and cost me out-of-pocket shipping and handling $25.14, after forthcoming credit for product returned.

Allegorically I'm sitting with skinned knees writing about my missed jumps on the park Jungle Gym these past two months.

Hoping next time I'll be the wiser!

Let us all remember the old truism, "look before you leap!"

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