Change of Habit

Last November, I challenged myself to ditch the papertowels in bathrooms and in the kitchen leaving only one roll in the laundry room for messy messes.

Having a senior cat then it was difficult taking the first step knowing there would be those unfortunate accidents or incidents that paper seemed best for. Still, I made up my mind, and my family followed my lead.

It's now April, six months later, and we have successfully converted -- using other means rather than disposable paper towels to wipe or clean up. I'm thankful we changed that expensive habit, especially considering the rising costs of fuel, food, and healthcare.

There's a sufficient amount of undue stress on all of us trying to move money from one column of our budget to another, but we're still learning of ways to do without and be okay in the process.

"Money is 80% behavior, 20% head knowledge. It's what you do, not what you know." - Dave Ramsey

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