Attention Kids! Money Lessons for the Carnival

There's a carnival in town setting up for this weekend. We're excited, but not the part about spending lots of money. Reality can suck the pleasure right out of excitement! Nevertheless, I'm thankful for new learned habits and realizing how destructive instant gratification can be. Not to mention the letdown when we get home from the carnival (or arcades) and find out how much money we spent because of the thrill of it.

The other night I surfed Dave Ramsy's site and found on Kids (3-12) "Careless at the Carnival" an MP3 Audio Download for only $2.99. A lesson on spending. Bonus is at the end of the audio the listener is asked, "Let's see what you learned."

"Have you ever wondered how you spent so much money without even realizing it? Junior learns this lesson the hard way."

My dauther especially liked the story and requested to hear it twice! After listening we have a plan to eat before and go with a set amount of money for rides only.

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