I'm so tired of poultry! If I eat another wing, tender, or even ground chicken or turkey I'll start to cluck and grow feathers. I mean it!

Today after church I decided to make meatballs with a side of thin spaghetti. I was inspired by an Italian chef, Fabio, who has a great accent with dash of humor. His recipe, The Perfect Italian Meatball. My rating: Molto Bene (Very Good)

What I loved even more than these tasty moist meatballs were the time it took to cook. How about 30 min or less on the stove top to fill my home with a home cooked aroma and Italian perfection in our bellies.

It's time to start searching through my favorite recipes for a change up. I already know what's on the menu for tomorrow. A groovy crock-pot dish that includes chicken, but has an ethnic flare that trumps the usual tenders with ranch dressing.
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