Bribe 'Em

My child had convinced me that not eating fruits and vegetables is okay. Um, what rock have I been under?! Goodness gracious my mother made me eat that stringy spinach from a can. Hello! Not to mention holding my nose for that awful cup of milk with dinner. Admittedly I’ve been picky, but in my generation it didn’t really matter.

I recently came across a disturbing news article involving a teenager’s diet that consisted of no fruits and veggies with an addiction to chicken nuggets. It was a turning point for me and I was on a Mommy Mission. I did some light research online about tips and methods to help my daughter try a variety of healthy options. I came across professional advice that included a controlled study involving bribing the children. Those children (probably toddlers) who received a sticker or something of value began eating fruits and veggies on their own after the study was completed, and in good amounts.

Potty training was a success for us using a reward method with a chart and this is of the same vein. I woke up Saturday morning motivated and ready to execute. Even though I was enthusiastic, I needed to keep in mind that small steps of success is sometimes best.

I experimented with a mini sweet pepper -- cutting a small section and then diced into 6 tiny equal pieces. I also put a crisp $1 bill on the counter next to the plate. There was no long session of explanation either, which was the same approach I took with her potty training reward method. And just like the toddler of years ago my now elementary school girl got it.

“Mom, I’m gonna get that dollar.”

“Oh, I know you are.”

It was not as painful to eat that pepper as she has bamboozled me into thinking either. Yes, she crinkled her nose, moved the plate far away (more than once), gave me some moans and disputed, but I was determined that together we could change some old habits and create some new ones.

Next on the list are pear and banana!
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