It's Christmas time, and the year end bills are sure to show up soon, so leftovers were our choice for meals this past Sunday.

Yep, sometimes Today's Specials are yesterday's leftovers!

Saturday evening I took a quick inventory and disposed of some expired foods from the week before. No meats thank goodness, but things like a cut up tomato in a baggie and a small container of Greek yogurt with caramel along with a few others were tossed.

My inventory was a short list of "Eat Leftovers" for Sunday which included:

egg noodles
cheddar cheese sauce
chicken tenders
homemade bean soup
baked potato

Glad to announce that all were gobbled up!

I have never had leftover fears because as a child dinner was usually the next days dinner, and sometimes stretched even further. Bonus for us was that most foods are tastier the second-time around. Leftover Lover here!
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