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Using a credit card is certainly a convenience, but it's also very hazardous. I know this well. This morning after packing my OCC Gift Box for one special little girl, I decided to order my daughter's special one gift this year. The surprise was using accumulated reward points towards my order total reducing it by 60%.

It's a Lalaloopsy doll! These dolls are the craze with young girls. My daughter was first hooked when she bought Meet the Lalaloopsy Girls at the school book fair last month. These dolls encourage lots of pretend play with their own story and personality. Genius marketing!

What makes getting new stuff better is my rule of Something In Something Out (SISO). After little coaxing (yes, she was ready!) my daughter agreed that her whole collection of princess figurines/toys would be traded in for credit even before our first purchase. Cleaned and bagged we added $10.00 a couple of weeks ago to our growing credit at one particular resale store.

What's great is teaching my daughter the value of things and money. If we take care of our property, it can then be sold or given away. It's a 2-for-1 lesson!

When the desire to get a Lalaloopsy doll was overwhelming, the idea of using her own saved money from grandma for a mini version with accessories was a perfect solution while waiting for the larger treasure on Christmas morning.

I am definitely getting into the Christmas spirit already!

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