Have you ever prayed or had a prayer request that didn't seem rehearsed, and came out more like a surprise to you? It's happened to me.

Recently I was asked and answered, "Oh, that I would continue to rest in God."

In these changing times with troubles of abundance do I crave even more the secret place -- an intimate setting where My Lord and I meet and with open arms I receive His fullness in great measure. (Ephesians 3:19) I need it. I need it like "the deer thirsts for water." (Psalm 42)

It's not uncommon for me to reassess and take a stand to "be" rather than "being busy." To be or to live in the moment, is rest, which I heard referred to as a "Holy Spirit-Directed Activity." Anything including rest that is Holy Spirit led I know will be beneficial for me. When in Rest Mode I slow down to a snails pace to take in the blessings in my own backyard while preparing for my next season.

Gifts of God come in many forms to include missions and ministry, but don't overlook the one that looks smaller in size with generic wrapping.

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