Change It Up: DIY Manicure & Pedicure

Change It Up is a series of posts where I share changes I've made after obliterating a few false beliefs like:

- Only that cleaner can do the job
- Foam is better
- Anti-bacterial is a must
- I can't do without disinfecting wipes
- Who has time for Homemade
- Expensive is the best choice

There is nothing like someone else pampering me with an added massage and friendly chat to escape life's stresses. However, with every passing year becoming increasingly draining to our family budget I had to once again reconsider, adjust, and adapt.

This was my second summer without spa pedicures, and it's going well. Products purchased at a beauty supply store the beginning of summer 2010 have since run out, and I have restocked.

What I use:
For Hands - Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator (removes cuticle growth in 45 seconds)
For Feet - Mr. Pumice Purple Pumi Bar (extra-course and antibacterial solution safe)
For Feet - Be Natural Callus Eliminator (professional product for at home use)

Mr. Pumice is the best! I use it every night in the shower with a couple of squirts of liquid soap. It cleans the day dirt from wearing flip-flops and keeps my heels smooth. Once a month during my DIY pedicure, I'll use the callus eliminator. I apply an ample amount to one foot at a time with household gloves while sitting on the edge of the bathtub. I wait the allotted time and then buff with the purple pumice.

Though I daydream about the pampering part of pedicures the cost ($25 plus tip) I don't miss at all.

It's not easy giving up amenities, but needs will always win over wants. Needs are things I have to have to survive like shelter, food and water, essentials for hygiene, and clothing. Wants are things that go beyond the needs list.

"Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship." - Benjamin Franklin
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