New Beginnings

"Write your plans in pencil but give God the eraser." - Anonymous

All signs this summer pointed to change and more change regarding my daughter's school for 2011-2012 that at first I resisted with great passion. I said my peace, sought out advice, try to compromise, justified, but in the end surrendered.

A season of new beginnings for our family with lots of "don't knows" about opportunities, challenges, failures, and success stories. Still, as a faithful follower of Christ I walk boldly toward destiny and surrender to God's plan.

Now that I know about using pencil when planning I need to ditch the ink, and if I ever write in permanent marker be prepared to take what's written or in a vision and recreate it.

Artists have that gift -- to take what may seem like an "Oops!" to most, and reinvent. They are always in motion with the creative flow!
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