The End Isn't The Answer

Life situations can sometimes send us spinning and feeling emptier than before. Yet, we somehow muster up the strength for balance to move on. Nevertheless, as our lives continue we are marked and changed a little each time until one ordinary day when what may seem a minor offense could be a trigger to bring you down so low that you can't look up, and you're considering death as an option to end your pain.

Spotlight on The Terry Wise Story: A Suicide Attempt Survivor (15 Min Full Version Video)

Suicide doesn’t stand alone. It doesn’t just happen as the result of nothing out of nowhere; it’s the result of something. If you’ve gone through life and you’ve had traumas or you’ve had difficulties, or you have things that you think you’ve buried, and then you have a significant loss or significant trauma occur later in your life—all the things that had been on simmer in your life, come to a full boil. I learned in therapy that death wasn’t the only way to end my pain. There were other ways to end my pain.

"I urge you, I beg you to make that call." Dr. Phil's message

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