Change It Up: Buy Used

Change It Up is a series of posts where I share changes I've made after obliterating a few false beliefs like:

- Only that cleaner can do the job
- Foam is better
- Anti-bacterial is a must
- I can't do without disinfecting wipes
- Who has time for Homemade
- Expensive is the best choice

I was always a giver and never a pack rat, so giving away everything and anything I no longer needed or used came naturally as an adult. However, while in an intimate mommy's group of thrifty Christian women in 2007 I learned about resale stores, and a whole lot more.

Shopping at resale stores have been a blessing to me and my daughter. Those moms shared the best picks to find value and quality in my area. One in particular lets you bring your items in for cash or credit. I've always chosen credit (trade is usually slightly higher value than cash) knowing that I'll always find good stuff for an upcoming season or special occasion.

In the beginning of this summer season my daughter was ready to give up her bookcase/dollhouse and a huge lot of Loving Family accessories, which I sold. All was well until recently she mentioned that she needed another home for her Calico Critters Hopscotch Rabbit Family that Santa brought last year.

I tried my best to avoid the need to bring another toy in our already blessed abode, but sometimes you can't fight fate. On an errand to the resale store to bring her car seat/booster in for credit, my daughter spotted in their window a small dollhouse. Reluctantly I followed her in the store so she could reveal her found treasure.

Well, it was everything we both had wished for, compact and with walls that have murals of rooms and accessories.

Price Paid $2.49 for Doll House Only

Think thrifty, it can be an adventure for the whole family!
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