Broke is Broke!

I'm sure most Americans know what broke is, even those with jobs and high paying salaries are experiencing broke in a whole new way these days. Trust me! I'm certainly not at the top, but even a firm place in the middle has a mighty grip on household budgets.

August proved to be a tough month even with all my forecasting of how challenging it would be financially, there were still unexpected expenses and spending more than I care to admit at the grocery store.

Well it's almost the end of the month and I'm done getting creative with freezer finds, chicken, rice, pasta, and egg salad. Last night I reached a low point with a concoction of Ramen noodles, Trader Joe's chicken broth, a quick squeeze of lemon, olive oil, and garlic. For something sweet afterward I opted for a half toasted PB&J sandwich. Both choices left me feeling blah.

I know broke, but when I have to eat broke that brings reality to a whole 'nother level!

This morning I woke up with a mission to peruse through my oldest recipe book stuffed with good eats that I've collected over many years, which by the way have been tested and tasted with thumbs up ratings.

I was surprised reading a few handwritten recipes that brought me right back to yesteryear. Who knew a recipe could hold such sentimental value.

I found an oddball orange typed index card with a recipe for Chicken Artichoke Casserole, but opted using the stove top and counter top grill instead. It was delish, just like I remembered it! Seriously, a restaurant couldn't have done a better job at making my senses celebrate after just one bite.

My version:
I grilled my thin sliced chicken breast on a counter top grill. In a skillet I browned mushrooms and onions then removed them. I followed the recipe with flour and butter, then added broth and cooked until thickened. I changed it up adding at the end marinated artichokes that I pulsed in my mini food-processor.


Yes, chicken was on the menu again, but definitely wearing a new ensemble!
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