Prayer for a Broken Marriage

In October 2009, I prayed specifically for a married couple at the request of the wife through email, which she has since given permission to make public but remain anonymous. I know her fairly well, so interceding with fervency came quickly, and you'll note a no-nonsense prayer.

As an ambassador of Christ and prayer warrior, I humble myself to the throne in prayer and supplication.

Heavenly Father, I'm asking with tears of sadness to revive this marriage. Bring back its freshness and love at first sight. Awaken those feelings of intimacy. Lord, your Word says that the "two shall become one flesh." It is not coincidental for one is need of the other, and without the other, there is emptiness. Reconnect this couple and have Your way. Rebuild it and restore it. Give them both opportunity to out give one anther and in the midst, you'll bless the union. God we know that you are able to do "exceedingly and abundantly over all we can ask or imagine according to the POWER working in us." We call forth power, destiny, and purpose in this marriage. In Jesus' Name, I pray!

"Paraclete" God's Pattern for Your Marriage Read it all the way through in your quiet time and let every word sink into your spirit man. Amazing stuff!
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