Money Saving Tip: Mop Your Rug

My small carpeted home office also has other uses and recently I noticed the pathway from the doorway leading to the computer has been looking worn, dingy, and sporting a darker hue than the rest of the carpet.

The professional steam cleaner team and the occasional rental steam cleaner have both worked well in the past for a job like this, but I'm having to make decisions that make cents sense.

Trying to match up a coupon for a foam carpet cleaner Sunday I decided on a spray instead, Woolite Oxy Deep, which was on sale.

After a hearty lunch and kitchen duty I got down to business concerning the dingy dirty carpet.

Step One: Spray a small section of carpet.
Step Two: Wet mop and wring out excess water.
Step Three: Mop rug vigorously one section at a time.
Step Four: Rinse your mop and wring out excess water.
Step Five: Go over area a few times with a rinsed mop.
Step Six: Change bucket water frequently.
Step Seven: Use a fan to aid in the drying process.
Step Seven: Avoid walking on wet clean carpet until completely dry.

Success! My carpet looked and smelled good, and I saved considerable cents!
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