Life Happens: Pray

For those Believers following Jesus, and finding themselves in a messy place in life (whether it be a season or two, or for several years due to various circumstances), I want you to be encouraged that there is help for you. Support through ministry and other resources are there to assist you in your journey to finish strong.

The biggest and most important support system you have is your Heavenly Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Trust me, your survival depends on your own dependence on the Triune God ("one God eternally existing in three Persons"). Dependence comes through reading the Word of God, prayer, and feeding your spirit with all things good from Heaven.

When Sunday service ends or that refreshing time at the retreat/conference is over, it's time to get back in the trenches, alone—and that could be a scary place to be. You might feel alone like on a sinking ship trying to survive enormous waves of emotions in a vast sea of hopeless. It looks impossible to survive, and you're thinking The End is my only escape—but it isn't.

Get on your knees, cry out to God, and bring to Him your burdens—no matter how silly or insignificant you may think they are. He hears you and listens with a careful ear never missing a word you've spoken—even those that are too tender to speak audibly. Give it to God, and in return ask Him for "peace that surpasses all understanding," while you wait on Him to work in you, through you and for you!

Rest for the Weary (Scriptures)

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