gofundme: COLORME Art Spa

Last October I set aside a few hours in the morning to color a custom 9" x 12" poster. I ordered it through friend and artist Debra Lee Murrow at 'COLORME' Art Spa.

Live in the Moment was inspired by a particular scripture reference Matthew 6:34, which is also written on the poster.

It was a time when Grace was beckoning me to sit awhile. Rest is not easy for a doer like me, but God knew best as I still had fresh wounds coming out of a very dark season the previous year.

I was going to leave it as is, wanting it to remain perfect -- afraid of messing it up adding my sloppy handiwork. However, my daughter convinced me it needed color. Thank God, she persuaded me to think differently. Well worth my time spent as I recall how coloring satisfied my creative side from childhood into early adulthood. My daughter gasped when I showed her the finished piece. Giving her credit as well for her color contribution. It's beauteous!

The finished piece is now hanging in my office with a black velvet-like mat in a black frame!

Debra is a vibrant light, and continues to color my world with her friendship and art.

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