Spotlight: Spiritually Unequal Marriage

Spotlight on Spiritually Unequal Marriage, a blog I stumbled on through a weekly meme, Thankful Thursday. The women behind the blog Lynn and Dineen are also authors of Winning Him Without Words.

From a few brief visits to SUM, it's obvious they are a blessing to wives experiencing the hardships of a marriage that is spiritually unequal. Meaning the husband and wife lack a united front -- off balance concerning spiritual matters connecting to and concerning Jesus.

Wives can easily feel weary at times because their husband's don't get it. Like crashing waves in the ocean the husband and wife collide with differences in perspective, motivation, and who ultimately should get the credit for all things good. More than once the wife has felt the undertow of crashing waves taking her out to sea, and exhausted trying to keep her head above water when she feels on all accounts that she's sinking.

Through our dark and stormy seasons, God is faithful to bring each of us to shore on an island of hope. SUM is one of those resting spots on such a tranquil island to refresh the weary wife and give her hope as Lynn and Dineen share their testimony in a personal and transparent way.

Encouraging you to seek, for you shall find. Cry out to God, and He will answer. Meditate on the Word of God and get filled. Connect with other Believers for support and encouragement. Come to the end of yourself, finally, and lean on the Lord.


Feed Me! Part 1

I like a good meal, and though food is essential and delicious, I also take in doses of goodness for my spirit—and sometimes more than once.

Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!

Talking Twin Babies - PART 2 - OFFICIAL VIDEO

"The Gift of an Ordinary Day" by Katrina Kenison

Drawing Heaven

Funny! Talking Animals

"Rain" 30mins of Raindrops! Natural Sounds "Sleep Video"


Basket of Thankfulness

My basket is brimming with thankfulness. Here is a random list and not in any particular order of all I'm thankful for this past week.

Summer programs for my child that keep her safe and provide a fun learning experience, as well as building her up.

Grown up situations that make me stretch that I may grow more in my faith and maturity.

Sales on top of already reduced clearance items. I scored a monogram backpack for my child at Kirkland's for a final price of $4.78.

Dinning out with my family at a fancy restaurant enjoying a delicious meal that I could not duplicate at home, especially the Honey Roasted Carrots.

Encouraging a friend in the faith.

Connecting with strangers and being free to let God have His way in that moment.


Disney Rocks!

I was visiting a favorite new blog and stumbled on how to "Write a letter to your favorite Disney character and get an autographed picture in return."

Unfortunately my family has no extra money in the budget for a Disney vacation trip (it's been on our wish list for several years*), but this process was a crowd-pleaser in our home. Go Disney!

What we did: My daughter colored a Rapunzel picture online here. After printing and sending it off with her hand written letter we waited for only a few weeks to receive a 8x10 glossy black and white autographed picture.

Thanks Disney for making my little girl gasp with surprise and excitement. You really know how to make us all smile from the inside out!

Find out what's new through Disney Parks Blog. Did you know about the new castle at Magic Kingdom park?

*In 2009, I won a giveaway through Helping Mommy's Win for a personalized Disney mug a $19.99 value from Disney's PhotoPass. I chose a night time scene of the Cinderella Castle with fireworks and added this caption: Our Dream Vacation. Our family is still wishing!


Deals at Micheals: Gel Pens, Socks & Ponytail Holders

I stopped at Michaels looking for gel pens and found a few on clearance for .29 and .35 cents the day after creating at a 'COLORME' Art Spa:


The bonus was finding girls socks for .20 cents and ponytail holders for .79 cents in the dollar bins on my way in.


It Is Finished

While transcending to a heavenly place in prayer I was reflecting on Jesus on the cross. How He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. (John 8:36) How He must have thought about us in those moments during His heart cry to the Father.

“It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. John 19:30

Yes, it's finished, and complete! We ought to stop striving in our own strength and take up the yoke of the Lord (Matthew 11:30). His way is better and best, always. Search the Word and meditate on His ways, which are higher than are ways. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

The Word of God is our compass, shield, truth-teller, life-giver, and most importantly, it is alive and active.


Felt Flower Hat

Great find at Michael's this week, a last minute add to accessorize a munchkin outfit for my daughter's theater performance.

Creatology™ Felt Flower Hat: Add beauty to the world and dress up as a tulip flower in this whimsical hat. All felt construction.

Price: $1.49

I also purchased the same day Creatology™ Felt Gladiator Hat for an upcoming playdate.


Personal I.D. Wristbands For Kids

Tig Tagz 

"If your child is separated from you, what information would you need a good Samaritan to know?"

They sell general wristbands without medical information that I would certainly consider for school field trips.

Get the Sample Set for $3.00 and write your own info to try it out.


Blast From The Past: Motherhood

Blast From The Past are archived blog posts hidden and held hostage elsewhere, but like I mention on the Why? page (see header above) some might come out of the dark.

Circa 2006 (approximate age 2)

I found that being a mother is a blessing, but the truth is, it is a lot of work! A mom of two told me yesterday, "We (women) can have everything, just not at the same time." I believe this along with some other good advice from a mentor mom, "We must value our choice."

Five years later and I still believe what I heard, and now pass on to others, as the absolute truth. Mothering (parenting) is serious work, and sometimes I feel like it's squeezing me until the last bit of strength is rung out like and old dishrag. Still, there is more satisfaction in this God-given responsibility with every teachable lesson, confrontation, debate, negotiation session, kissing boo-boos, assuring hugs, and more. My role as a mother holds great value and adds to my life continually.

Once being a mother was my prayer…a yearning—and now my responsibility.

Being a mom to my precious promise is truly a labor of love!


Parable of the Mustard Seed

Matthew 13:31-32 Another parable He put forth to them, saying: "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field, which indeed is the least of all the seeds; but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches."


Thy Word

" Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path." Psalm 119:105

"The Word of God is our compass, shield, truth-teller, life-giver, and most importantly, it is alive and active." - Rosemarie 2010

Thy Word - Maranatha Singers (Video)


Give him NOTICE!

"Praise will confuse the enemy."

Stop, and give yourself a minute to remember the goodness of God and what He has done personally for you. If you look, you'll find His fingerprint! Then praise Him for that, again, and in advance for what He's about to do in you, through you, and for you!

Praise Him In Advance by Marvin Sapp (Video)

I have CRAZY faith!

It's not enough to believe that God exists or even that He's a miracle worker. Come on, even demons know Him.

Do you have CRAZY faith? Do you bring God in remembrance of His word? Are you likened unto others in the Bible and this side of Heaven for their faith?


Sayings & Quotes

"It is easier to preach ten sermons than it is to live one."

Jesus in His simplicity (no smoke and mirrors) left us a profound example to follow, and as we journey on with Him, He reveals more of Himself and His character.


A Kiss From Heaven

As Believers, we go about most of our day wanting to share joy, so why not send out a kiss from heaven to those around us.


If you're feeling that familiar nudge to get in touch with an old friend or acquaintance—do it! Perhaps in a reply email you add a line or two of encouragement to the reader. Strangers are not off limits either—be friendly and practice kindness.

God sends us kisses throughout our day with blessings from above, and we should share it!


The Lord's Prayer

Jesus' Teaching on Prayer

"One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, 'Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.'" Luke 11:1

Jesus prayed, and went about doing good. Why then do we think it's not important for us, His followers, to do the same?


Prayer for a Broken Marriage

In October 2009, I prayed specifically for a married couple at the request of the wife through email, which she has since given permission to make public but remain anonymous. I know her fairly well, so interceding with fervency came quickly, and you'll note a no-nonsense prayer.

As an ambassador of Christ and prayer warrior, I humble myself to the throne in prayer and supplication.

Heavenly Father, I'm asking with tears of sadness to revive this marriage. Bring back its freshness and love at first sight. Awaken those feelings of intimacy. Lord, your Word says that the "two shall become one flesh." It is not coincidental for one is need of the other, and without the other, there is emptiness. Reconnect this couple and have Your way. Rebuild it and restore it. Give them both opportunity to out give one anther and in the midst, you'll bless the union. God we know that you are able to do "exceedingly and abundantly over all we can ask or imagine according to the POWER working in us." We call forth power, destiny, and purpose in this marriage. In Jesus' Name, I pray!

"Paraclete" God's Pattern for Your Marriage Read it all the way through in your quiet time and let every word sink into your spirit man. Amazing stuff!


Prayer is Powerful

When I find myself at a standstill for those I love, but can’t help, the best thing I can do is pray for them.

I am reminded of Peter when he said, "Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you." Acts 3:1-10.

What a wonderful reminder that prayer is precious, powerful, and has value equivalent to heavenly treasures.


Life Happens: Pray

For those Believers following Jesus, and finding themselves in a messy place in life (whether it be a season or two, or for several years due to various circumstances), I want you to be encouraged that there is help for you. Support through ministry and other resources are there to assist you in your journey to finish strong.

The biggest and most important support system you have is your Heavenly Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Trust me, your survival depends on your own dependence on the Triune God ("one God eternally existing in three Persons"). Dependence comes through reading the Word of God, prayer, and feeding your spirit with all things good from Heaven.

When Sunday service ends or that refreshing time at the retreat/conference is over, it's time to get back in the trenches, alone—and that could be a scary place to be. You might feel alone like on a sinking ship trying to survive enormous waves of emotions in a vast sea of hopeless. It looks impossible to survive, and you're thinking The End is my only escape—but it isn't.

Get on your knees, cry out to God, and bring to Him your burdens—no matter how silly or insignificant you may think they are. He hears you and listens with a careful ear never missing a word you've spoken—even those that are too tender to speak audibly. Give it to God, and in return ask Him for "peace that surpasses all understanding," while you wait on Him to work in you, through you and for you!

Rest for the Weary (Scriptures)



My daughter is very creative in many areas to include interior design, singing, songwriting, and art. My newest "love note" was a definite keeper and needed to be framed for my home office desk.


Money Saving Tip: Mop Your Rug

My small carpeted home office also has other uses and recently I noticed the pathway from the doorway leading to the computer has been looking worn, dingy, and sporting a darker hue than the rest of the carpet.

The professional steam cleaner team and the occasional rental steam cleaner have both worked well in the past for a job like this, but I'm having to make decisions that make cents sense.

Trying to match up a coupon for a foam carpet cleaner Sunday I decided on a spray instead, Woolite Oxy Deep, which was on sale.

After a hearty lunch and kitchen duty I got down to business concerning the dingy dirty carpet.

Step One: Spray a small section of carpet.
Step Two: Wet mop and wring out excess water.
Step Three: Mop rug vigorously one section at a time.
Step Four: Rinse your mop and wring out excess water.
Step Five: Go over area a few times with a rinsed mop.
Step Six: Change bucket water frequently.
Step Seven: Use a fan to aid in the drying process.
Step Seven: Avoid walking on wet clean carpet until completely dry.

Success! My carpet looked and smelled good, and I saved considerable cents!


10 Reasons To Pick Up Your Bible Today

Reason 1. The enemy of your soul does not want you to be a person of the Word.
Reason 2. The Bible is a priceless treasure.
Reason 3. The Bible is your resource for absolute truth.
Reason 4. The Bible is your manual for living.
Reason 5. As a child of God, you should keep up on all the blessings your Heavenly Father desires for all His children.
Reason 6. The Word of God is powerful.
Reason 7. The Scriptures should be your “food for thought.”
Reason 8. Those who neglect the written Word of God will soon have serious questions about the living Word: Jesus Christ.
Reason 9. Every person has a desire to know about the future.
Reason 10. How would you like to hear God speak to you?

I remember well those seasons when the Word wasn't a priority because of crowding out, and through no fault other than my own. Sure I was busy with obligations and needed time for myself, but I was truly unaware concerning the dangers of being less than intentional. For Believers the Word is a lifeline, a parachute, a lifeboat, life preserver, and umbrella, shelter, and an anchor.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1

Read more about why here to comprehend fully.



gofundme: COLORME Art Spa

Last October I set aside a few hours in the morning to color a custom 9" x 12" poster. I ordered it through friend and artist Debra Lee Murrow at 'COLORME' Art Spa.

Live in the Moment was inspired by a particular scripture reference Matthew 6:34, which is also written on the poster.

It was a time when Grace was beckoning me to sit awhile. Rest is not easy for a doer like me, but God knew best as I still had fresh wounds coming out of a very dark season the previous year.

I was going to leave it as is, wanting it to remain perfect -- afraid of messing it up adding my sloppy handiwork. However, my daughter convinced me it needed color. Thank God, she persuaded me to think differently. Well worth my time spent as I recall how coloring satisfied my creative side from childhood into early adulthood. My daughter gasped when I showed her the finished piece. Giving her credit as well for her color contribution. It's beauteous!

The finished piece is now hanging in my office with a black velvet-like mat in a black frame!

Debra is a vibrant light, and continues to color my world with her friendship and art.

Visit my writer's blog to see more about what Debra and I are up to.


Am I Ready?

Julie Moore asked the question, "Are you ready to reach your world?"

I replied, "Yes, I’m ready! After a season in the wilderness, I’m back, and bolder."

Are you ready? Ready with confidence that He who began a good work will complete it, while you step out in faith and put your hand to the plow. Stop thinking it over, and over again. You have gifts! You have talents! Give your portion, whatever it is, and God will bless it.

Remember that our platform may differ from others, and perhaps impacting the lives of only a few, but nonetheless it is blessed, bountiful, and beautiful!

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