Stranger Danger

Last night I finally scheduled the long awaited Stranger Safety video that's been collecting dust, which was purchased more than a year ago. My daughter is attending a new summer camp next week with folk that we don't know and that's worrisome for this mom of one. Through experience we know that people we kinda know can hurt children too.  I reflect on all the ugliness in the world and misfortunes children are exposed to, and I remain diligent about guarding my daughter from any of that, always.

Do yourself and the kids a favor this summer and together watch this Emmy Award Winning Stranger Safety video created by John Walsh and Julie Clark, founder of The Baby Einstein Company. The kids will chuckle at the antics of Safe Side Superchick, but her message and tips are clearly serious. This is one resource that could make a difference for your child.

Stranger Safety Clips (YouTube)
The Safe Side (Website)

Blast from The Past: Stranger Danger
Circa 2007 (approximate age 3)

My daughter is becoming more independent in public and sometimes puts up a good fuss if I need to hold her hand. The mall is a perfect scenario for crazy folk to steal children. Therefore, I'm careful to keep her close and watch for strangers around us.

"Give me your hand!" I grab her with less finesse than usual. She wiggles and pulls, trying to break free. Then, I purposely move my grip to her wrist holding that much tighter.


"You need to hold mommy's hand!" With persistence and maneuvering, she breaks my Kung Fu grip. My little girl is strong willed and expresses everyday more and more what she's about. I can't fault her for that. Nevertheless, it's so difficult knowing how much free space our children need with minimal risk.

"Here, you can hold my hand." A woman in her 60's had come up beside my daughter and was keeping up with our pace.

Well, isn't that quaint! I think not, and was enraged at the audacity of this woman.

"No! No! No!" I expressed with a harshness that was hopefully getting my mental message across. Who are you?

I grab my daughter's other hand with a fierce quickness.

This grandma instantly figured out I wasn't happy with what just occurred and never questioned why I had dropped my good manners right where she entered our personal space among the cavernous mall corridors.

"You hold her hand." She lets go of my daughter's tiny fingers and looks in my direction. Then she took a hard right and I immediately checked over my shoulder. She looked like anyone's grandma, but the fact is she wasn't my daughter’s or mine.
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