Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I surprised my daughter with a couple of hours at an indoor amusement park to have some fun. The surprise was not only that we were going, but that she had to pay with her own money for the admission. Fortunately for her I paid the remaining balance to include extra for a pass for future visits.

She didn't take lightly that all her cash would be used, but I took advantage of a "mommy moment" to put into practical sense (for a child her age) what it means when parents say, "We can't afford it."

When the money is gone—it's gone! No longer is my family walking around in a foggy state of mind thinking we can worry about money another day. Ahem! The dream is over.

While my daughter frolicked between rides and the indoor play area I found myself treading lightly in my mind about the burdens of finances and the future. When we left, I decided I needed some me time and moseyed on over to Goodwill next door for a peek—and look what my daughter found for 50% off.

Yeah, mama needs a new pair of shoes...for only $3.49!
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