Homemade Laundry Detergent

Each year I’ve adjusted our lifestyle to coincide with the ever-dwindling economy. Even with a family of three things needed to change, and this year was no exception. I stumbled and found Blessings n Couponing through Extreme Couponing casting reels posted online—intrigued primarily by Amy’s testimonial. Since then I visit frequently to see what’s new and exciting that she’s sharing with her readers.

Recently I took a risk and made homemade laundry detergent* that BnC featured more than once. At first my husband wasn’t very receptive to the idea and commented about the “itchy” factor. He had a valid point -- undergarments washed in an unfamiliar substance could wreak havoc on a 12-hour workday.

Fortunately, for our family the laundry detergent is a winner! I’m paying a small fraction to clean my dirty laundry that’s without added and harmful chemicals.

With a background in finance, I know well how to move numbers (money) from one column to another. Now I snicker at the colorful soldiered bottles of high priced laundry detergent in the grocery aisles, and even when there’s a mega deal on an end-cap—I turn up my nose.

Pros and Cons
The large container with detergent making paraphernalia sits in our small laundry room taking up needed space. Furthermore, count on a good 10 minutes to grate ½ bar of Fels-Naptha, and waiting over night for the finished concoction to set can be an inconvenience,  Nevertheless, in comparison to the joy I feel of doing it myself and saving dollars, really makes good cents sense (pun intended!).

*You may want to cut this recipe in half depending on your personal needs.
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